Selling a Car Privately vs. to a Dealership: Which Is Better?

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If you’re looking to part ways with your current vehicle before you upgrade to something new, then you can either sell your car privately or sell it to a dealership. How can you sell your car to a dealership to get the best deal? Which option is the better choice? Compare selling to a car dealer vs. being a private seller with the finance team at Land Rover Richfield, and if you choose to sell your car to a dealership, visit us near Minneapolis to get the most out of your next trade-in.



Car Dealer vs. Private Seller: Pros & Cons

There are different advantages and disadvantages to selling your car privately compared to selling your car to a dealership near Edina, and Land Rover Richfield will break down the highlights of both options to help you decide which is best for you.

Pros of Selling a Car Privately

  • More control over the final price

Cons of Selling a Car Privately

  • Putting up fliers, listing your car online, and other advertising methods which take up time
  • Negotiating with potential buyers on a final price
  • Giving out test drives to strangers
  • Buyers not showing up or canceling

Pros of Selling to a Car Dealer

  • Quick and easy process; usually takes under an hour for the appraisal process
  • Negotiable pricing
  • Dealership does most of the work
  • Potential tax breaks

Cons of Selling to a Car Dealer

  • Right price may not be reached initially

Even if a St. Paul-area dealership makes you an offer that you’re not quite satisfied with, you’ll usually be able to negotiate. Not only can you sell your car to a dealership for a great deal, but at Land Rover Richfield, we’re open to negotiating, and we want to help you sell your car at a price that works for you. Value your trade to see what your car is worth, and bring it to us for an easy trade-in process that will get you an excellent deal for your car and help you avoid the stress that comes with selling privately.

Sell Us Your Car at Land Rover Richfield

Now that you know the differences between selling a car to a car dealer vs. being a private seller, you may be more inclined to save time and effort by bringing in your car to us for a trade-in. While many Richfield drivers might think that you can’t get a great deal for a trade-in, that’s not the case at Land Rover Richfield. Contact us to see how you can get a great deal for your car.


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