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If you thought that Land Rover vehicles couldn’t be fuel-efficient, then think again. Land Rover Richfield is here to take you through the current lineup of Land Rover MHEV models and Land Rover electric vehicles (EVs), so you can choose a vehicle in the Land Rover lineup that’s perfect for your efficient driving needs. Check out the current lineup of Land Rover hybrids and EVs with Land Rover Richfield, and visit our dealership to take any of our models for a test drive, so you can see how your favorite model feels on your Minneapolis commute.

Current Land Rover Hybrids

If you don’t want to make the full switch to an electric vehicle but still want a way to drive around Edina more efficiently, then a Land Rover hybrid is perfect for you. Here is the 2022 lineup of Land Rover hybrids:

Land Rover EVs

For 2022, Land Rover only has one electric vehicle: the Discovery. With electric vehicles becoming more and more popular and public charging stations becoming more available in the St. Paul area and beyond, you can expect Land Rover to develop electric options for more of its models. Until then, you’ll be able to drive right past the gas stations and never look back when you drive the Land Rover Discovery EV.

Land Rover PHEV vs. MHEV

Maybe you’ve seen the terms Land Rover MHEV and PHEV thrown around without knowing exactly what they mean. Land Rover PHEV means Land Rover “plug-in hybrid electric vehicle”. Land Rover MHEV means Land Rover “mild hybrid electric”. What’s the difference between these two terms? The difference between these two types of Land Rover hybrids is the fuel engine under the hood. A Land Rover PHEV has a smaller fuel engine and is able to be powered exclusively by a battery pack. A Land Rover MHEV has a pretty even blend of gasoline fuel and electric power.

Land Rover Hybrids vs. EVs

If you’re completely new to the realm of Land Rover hybrids and EVs, then you may use both of these terms interchangeably. However, there are significant differences between hybrids and electric vehicles. Hybrid vehicles combine a gasoline-powered engine with one or more electric motors. An electric vehicle runs fully on electric power and doesn’t use gasoline at all. Here are some of the advantages of both options:

Hybrid Advantages:

  • Usually come with a self-charging battery
  • Usually are less expensive than EVs
  • Ability to fill up at a gas station if there are no charging stations around

EV Advantages:

  • Potential tax credits and savings
  • No need for gasoline fuel, meaning no money spent at the gas stations
  • Less maintenance required since there’s no engine

Which model in the Land Rover lineup will you choose for your Edina drives? Visit Land Rover Richfield to take any of our hybrid/EV models for a test drive and find out which option is perfect for you.

Drive Smarter in Richfield

Contact us if you’re thinking about making the switch to something more fuel-efficient. We’ll go over all of your questions about any other Land Rover information you have in detail.


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