Land Rover Key Fob Battery Replacement

Man opening car with key fob

When you purchase or lease a new Land Rover vehicle, it includes a Land Rover key fob, a sturdy tool that many Minneapolis drivers find useful. If the battery is low, your instrument panel will display the message, “SMART KEY BATTERY LOW,” which means it’s time for a new one. This task can be done right at home, and our guide helps you learn:

  • How to open your Land Rover key fob
  • How to replace the Land Rover key fob battery

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions along the way.

How to Replace a Land Rover Key Fob Battery

The Land Rover key fob battery is a CR2032 type battery that’s available at any hardware store near the Eden Prairie and Edina areas. If you’re having trouble finding a battery, contact our parts center for assistance. With the battery in hand, here are steps showing you how to open the Land Rover key fob:

  1. Release the Key: To access the Land Rover key fob battery, you’ll need to take the Key Fob apart. Find a small black button, press down on it, and you’ll release the metal emergency key blade from the plastic box. Other Land Rover keys will have a slide-able key that you can easily remove.
  2. Open the Key Fob: Use the key blade itself or a small screwdriver to pop open the black box to locate the battery.
  3. Replace the Land Rover Key Fob Battery: Use small instruments like a screwdriver to remove the battery and replace it with a new one, positive (+) side up. Try not to touch the new battery, as moisture and oil from your fingers can corrode the material and reduce the battery’s life.
  4. Put the Key Back Together: Reverse the process you just followed, and you should now have a fully operational Land Rover key fob. If your display still says that you need a Land Rover key fob battery replacement, the replacement battery may not be brand new.

Additional Land Rover Key Care Tips

Your Land Rover smart key is a useful tool that needs care to keep everything going smoothly. Below are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Heat and Sun Damage: Extreme heat and direct sunlight can damage your Land Rover key, so don’t leave it out near an open window all day. Dust and humidity also can negatively affect your Land Rover key.
  • Other Radio Frequencies: Devices like medical equipment that also uses radio frequency can sometimes affect the performance of your smart key.
  • Replace All Batteries at Once: It’s essential to replace the batteries on all of your smart keys for your car when your panel is displaying the “SMART KEY BATTERY LOW” message. Not doing so can permanently damage the Land Rover key fob.

Get Trusted Land Rover Service in Richfield

If you’re still having some trouble with your Land Rover key fob battery, we can help! Contact our service center, and a Land Rover-certified technician can assist with the battery replacement. Get additional parts tips when you visit us for your next routine service appointment.

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