Hybrid vs. Plug-In Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid

If you’re looking for a more fuel-efficient vehicle to help you save on your Minneapolis commute, then you’ve probably been considering hybrid options. During your search, you’ve probably come across the term “hybrid” and “plug-in hybrid” and maybe even used them interchangeably. However, these two terms are different from each other. Compare the differences between hybrid and plug-in hybrid with the service team here at Land Rover Richfield. Then, visit our dealership to explore our current inventory and find a hybrid or plug-in hybrid option that’s perfect for you.



Difference Between Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

What’s the difference between a hybrid and plug-in hybrid? Standard hybrid vehicles use a combination of gasoline and electric power, and they also rely on gasoline-powered engines to charge the electric batteries. Plug-in hybrids use a larger battery that’s charged with a 120-volt or a 240-volt outlet or charging unit. Plug-in hybrid vehicles begin each drive solely using electric power and then switch to gasoline power on the St. Paul roads when necessary.

Hybrid vs. Plug-in Hybrid: Hybrid Advantages

Because hybrid vehicles combine gasoline and electric power, driving a hybrid vehicle around Edina will feel more familiar than driving a plug-in hybrid vehicle. An advantage of driving a hybrid vehicle is that you can use the gasoline engine to recharge the electric battery as you drive. Hybrid vehicles propel themselves on the road without the need to stop and recharge.

Hybrid vs. Plug-In Hybrid: Plug-In Hybrid Advantages

Plug-in hybrid vehicles get the majority of their power from an electric motor. Once the battery that powers the electric motor is drained of energy, the gasoline engine will take over. Where a hybrid vehicle uses gasoline and electric power simultaneously, a plug-in hybrid vehicle relies on electric power first and then switches to gasoline power once the electric power runs out. This means that you’ll need to stop and recharge your electric battery since you won’t be able to use the gasoline engine to recharge it while you drive.

However, plug-in hybrid vehicles can run solely on electric power, which is known as their electric range, while running errands around Richfield, saving you money on gas station fill-ups. For more helpful service tips and advice, reach out to the team at Land Rover Richfield.

Choose Your Hybrid or Plug-In Hybrid in Richfield

Now that you know the difference between a hybrid and plug-in hybrid, the only thing left to do is visit Land Rover Richfield to choose your fuel-efficient Land Rover. Whether you choose a Land Rover plug-in hybrid or a standard Land Rover hybrid, one thing is for certain: you’ll save a fortune on fuel costs. Contact us to see what we currently have available and to learn other service tips like how to reset your tire pressure light.


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